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Bialetti Mini Express 2 Cups

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Size guide
The Bialetti Moka Express comes in a variety of sizes – each cup corresponding roughly to a ~30-50ml concentrated shot and most people tend to like doubles. To make a longer drink, many people will dilute the concentrate for an Americano style coffee.

When choosing your size, please bear in mind that the Bialetti stovetop will not work well when partially full, so pick a size that you’ll be happy to fill completely each time. Many people will have a larger one for groups and a smaller one for solo cups of delicious coffee.

Here are our recommendations in terms of number of people being brewed for:

1 person – 1/2/3 cup
2 people – 4/6 cup
3 people – 6/9 cup
4 people – 9/12 cup
5+ people – 12/18 cup

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Mini Express is the pride of Bialetti’s design and creativity. The innovative system dispensing directly into the cup allows you to make a coffee that is always hot and ready to be served. Mini Express is the coffee maker designed for a truly special coffee break.

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