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GT1 Push Ice Cream Machine

SKU: SIM1001

R 34,334.00

  • USD: 39,484.10$

Soft Serve/Ice Cream/Slush & Frozen Yoghurt Machine



A compact, multi-purpose unit that is ideal for convenience stores, take-away shops, bars, restaurants and cafes. Create the perfect thick shake, soft ice cream, delicious frozen yogurt, frozen fruit drink, frozen creamy coffee or create your own signature frozen product.

GT Push comes in black or white plastics with stainless steel finishing.
GT 1 Push is equipped with n. 1×5 liters I-TANK™ insulated bowl: it minimises the influence of external temperature, increases the cooling power of the machine, saving energy and money. The I-Tank bowl reduces condensation on the bowl’s outer side, thus improving the product’s aesthetics.
The PUSH button feature increases the motor speed allowing quicker dispensing of product.

An elegant-looking unit with the advantage of a small footprint and the excellent quality/price ratio makes it ideal for businesses with restricted counter space. GT 1 Push is a simple and reliable unit. It is designed to operate with water or milk-based product. It is capable of producing a significant over-run ensuring a high return on investment.

Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 26 × 42.5 × 65 cm